Idyla as cut out of the Postřižin

Idyla as cut out of the Postřižin

Who of us ever dreamed of a domestic greenery Francina and Maryška from the famous film of the Postřižina? However, since the time when Mrs. Sládková's climbed with Mr. Brother-to the chimney of the brewery, many have changed. Housewives have made it easier thanks to technical progress, unfortunately at the expense of the charm of furniture. But nothing is impossible! If you want a rustic kitchen, we have good news for you: You don't have to learn to cook on clay Stovs. We are all tailored for you, taking into account the modern built-in electrical appliances.

Turn your apartment into a real home

You are a model housewife, what would make the first last, cooking and baking for the family is your domain, but still it is not it? Is something still missing? Do not underestimate the design of the work environment. Just as the cake does not go without toppings, so even the kitchen performs its purpose only half-way, when it does not heat your home before turning on the stove. The homely character of rustic furniture in this case is an ideal solution.

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